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Københavnske bygninger med udsigt fra vandet. Himlen er blå og der er en gangbro.


It is through close contact with our customers that we have built long-term collaborations based on mutual trust and confidence.

Our values

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Our team of employees spans several generations.

Experience and innovation of the field forms the basis of our services.

Communication in the forefront

Communication between our employees across disciplines and expertise forms the basis of our quality-assured product.

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Commitment to Results

We understand how to adapt the process to the customer's organization and understand how short deadlines can be part of the work.

Top quality products

We always work to deliver a top quality product. A close collaboration and a good dialogue is an important factor in our customer collaborations.

Illustration af tekstbokskommunikation mellem to, sikkerhed og teknisk tegning.


We prioritize the customer's safety, overview and control in the solution of all tasks.

The customer's needs are a priority

We create close customer relationships, and know how to adapt our services to the customer's needs.

Illustration over dokument med udmærkelser, kalender og god feedback (thumbs up og tekstboks).


We are specialists in consulting as well as technical drawing. Our team is dedicated and has a broad experience.


We are experts

Our employees have different focus areas, which ensures that every element of our services is prepared with expert experience.

We strive to be among the best in Denmark at what we do - technical drawing and advice within fire and security.





Adm. Direktør




Team Leder


Carina Christiansen

Salg & Marketing

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Teknisk Designer

Strøget set fra oven. Siqon specialiserer sig i dokumentation indenfor brand og sikring.

Our history

SIQON was founded in 2008 by Per Løvenfald. Per has a background as an electrician and was previously a certified ABA installer.

With more than 35 years of experience in all areas of the industry, he founded SIQON with an idea for how the industry and the profession could be further developed and improved for the electronic development of the future.

Innovation becomes a basic element

With considerations such as "How can we create solutions that are both future-oriented and user-friendly?", He founded what we know today as SIQON - a company with a focus on modern consulting and technical drawing.

Over the years, we as a company have created a brand that is known for innovative concepts such as SIQ-Plans, which has paved the way for new thinking of technical drawing within fire and security.

The collaboration is the focal point

Today, we work with a number of the country's largest private and public companies and institutions. We work closely with both plant owners and installers throughout the country on a daily basis and are always developing our services and our approach to solving our tasks.

Our Team

The modern advisor

At SIQON, we divide our work tasks into Technical Drawing Tasks and Consulting, respectively . Our work thus takes place at both our office in Østerbro, Copenhagen and with our customers and partners all over the country.

Per leads the consulting, working closely with our customers and partners in the execution of a large number of projects.

Technical drawing expertise

At our office in Østerbro, we have our technical drawing team. Here we perform many types of tasks on both small and large projects. We are always working to make our services and workflows smarter, faster and more user-friendly.


During our opening hours, we are always ready by e-mail or by phone, so we can take care of our customers' needs.

To mennesker samarbejder ved bærbar computer.  Siqon specialiserer sig i dokumentation og teknisk tegning.
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